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Contact:Jeffrey Yuan
Address:Yincheng 1st Rd.,

Yincheng Industrial Zone,

Xiabian Village,Chang'an

Township,Dongguan City,

Guangdong Province,China

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The spirit of enterprise:
Exquisite specialized technology, practical and realistic style of work.
Rigorous earnest work attitude, words and deeds sincere service spirit.

Enterprise management idea:
Vision: to be an excellent acoustic enterprise
Mission: through the quality, technological progress, improve employees, customers, suppliers and investors satisfaction, let enterprise sustainable development
Employee & enterprise----the unity cooperation, brainstorm, strive to achieve the objectives;
Suppliers & enterprise---keep the pledge, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, seek for the steady development;
Customers & enterprise ----innovation, progress, and share the excellence;
Social & enterprise----took the social, and contribute to the community, the social responsibilities.

Enterprise management strategy:
For our customers with the high quality international standard and excellent service
Pay attention to what we do all the details
Employees are our greatest assets
In under the authority of mutual respect, create harmonious working environment, highly
A comfortable life and working environment created the artificially low turnover
Low turnover rate that we maintain the artificial a well-trained the work force
The concept of modern open encouraged individual development, at the same time, the staff and the company also in common growth